Jail without Proper Counsel, Judge Jerry Bowles likes to break the law

Hello and welcome to my blog that will be documenting the actions of Judge Jerry Bowles of Jefferson Circuit Court – Family Division 6.

Judge Jerry Bowles is currently presiding over my husband’s divorce/child support and visitation from his previous wife, Nancy Brown Otten (also of Louisville, Ky).

Now I would hate to start in the middle explaining the situation we are currently in, but after being pushed around and taken advantage of for years, it is time to get our story out there.

My husband is currently unemployed; however he has been contracted by a private individual to begin trading equities, but during his time of unemployment he did get behide on child support payments, which at that time he had been ordered to pay $1,309.00. Once I was employed he began paying $100 a month consistently to the Friend of the Court who then issued the payment to Nancy Brown Otten.  Nancy Brown Otten, by the way, is a pharmacist that makes $55 per hour. Even working the part time schedule she has a gross income of $46,557 yearly (that’s $3,880 monthly PART TIME), if she worked part time her gross would be $114,400 yearly or $9,533.33 monthly (this information was entered into court on 1/31/12 by her counsel Louis Waterman of Louisville, KY), William’s income was $6,000 for the ENTIRE YEAR of 2011 (self employment income) When a motion was presented in court to adjust the child support obligation, which was based on a worksheet that Louis Waterman had presented in court. it noted that William to be responsible for 56% of combined monthly adjusted parental gross income.  (Attorney math, I guess) This did lower is monthly obligation to $929.00 then added $300.00 monthly to pay toward arrearages totaling a monthly payment to Nancy Brown Otten of $1,229.00. 

Since William was ordered to pay an impossible amounta contempt of court order was issued on 1/31/12 by Judge Jerry Bowles that William should pay a purge amount of $32,700.00 within 90 days or face 180 days of incarceration (and of course even in incarceration he will still be responsible for the $1,229.00 monthly payment, the $32,700.00, which will still be adding on to his total balance owed)

 The order was then amended on 4/2/2012 by Judge Judith K. Bartholomew, Senior Status Judge, Jefferson Circuit Court Family Division ordered that William must pay a purge amount of $16,689 within six months or face the 180 days of incarceration and everything that comes with that.

Then on 8/9/2012 William was due in court where he asked for a public defender since we could no longer afford to retain counsel. It was at this court appearance that Judge Jerry Bowles of Jefferson Circuit Court – Family Division 6 had William arrested for contempt of court for not paying the $32,700.00 by the 90 days.

This was illegal for at least 2 reasons

1)      The original order issued by Judge Jerry Bowles was amended on 4/2/2012 by Judge Judith K. Bartholomew, Senior Status Judge, Jefferson Circuit Family Division for an amount due of $16,689 for October of 2012

2)      William was not represented by counsel at time he was taken into custody, even when he requested a public defender. According to Preceding case law Lewis v Lewis an individual facing incarceration must have legal representation.

Due to the actions of Judge Jerry Bowles and him believing he is above the law my family has been left fatherless. William has been 100% involved in caring for our 5 year old daughter who suffers from autism spectrum disorder and our 3 ½ month old son.